How to choose cooking oil press machine?

If you want to engage in the cooking oil press industry, how to choose cooking oil pressing machine is the key. There are several issues that must be considered when choosing a cooking oil press machine: machine type, machine quality, and after-sales service.

1. Types of cooking oil press machine

If you want to choose proper cooking oil press machine, you need choose machine according to your needs. We can provide cooking oil press machines with different processing capabilities, such as 1tpd, 2tpd,5tpd, etc. And we can provide different machines such as cooking oil pressing machine, integrated pressing and filtering cooking oil machine. Different types of machines have different prices, but the best machine is the one that suits you best.

2.The quality of cooking oil press machine

The temperature and pressure are very high during the cooking oil pressing process, so the quality requirements of the cooking oil press machine are relatively high. When you choose an cooking oil press machine, be sure to choose a high-quality machine, so you can avoid a lot of trouble in subsequent use.

3. After-sales service of cooking oil press machine

If you have some quality problems during use, you need the cooperation of the manufacturer for replacement and maintenance. And if you encounter problems during use, you must have a professional engineer to guide you. So you’ d better choose a cooking oil press machine with high quality after-sales service. All products of Henan Glory are provided with a one-year warranty, and our engineers will help you install and adjust the cooking oil press machine to ensure that the machine reaches its best condition.