How to make cooking oil from corn in factory?

Corn germ oil making process is different from other oil seeds. Because corn oil is extracted from corn germ which is a small part of corn. If you want to make cooking oil from corn, you should obtain the corn germ first. Usually, the corn germ can be obtained from corn starch processing plant.

corn germCorn kernel composition

Corn germ oil, also called corn oil, is a nutrient-rich cooking oil, containing 34%-62% linoleic acid and vitamins. It has the functions of lowering serum cholesterol, softening blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis, and is an ideal edible oil for patients with hypertension and the elderly.

When you have enough raw materials–corn germ, you can start to make corn germ oil. But I have to note for you that 100 tons corn just could produce 8 tons corn germ. So if you want to build a corn germ oil processing plant, you should tell us how many tons corn germ you can obtain.

Corn germ oil making process can be divided into three sections, pretreatment section, pressing section or solvent extraction section and refining section.

Pretreatment section is to processing the corn germ by a series of equipement, so as to make the corn germ more suitable for pressing or solvent extraction.

On the above picture, there are the equipment used in corn germ pretreatment section, and it shows the process of making corn germ oil. And after flaking and cooking, corn germ could be pressed by mechanical pressing technology or extracted by solvent extraction technology. You can get crude corn germ oil whichever technology you use. We Company can offer you the whole line of corn germ oil processing plant with turn-key service, capacity from 10TPD to 6000TPD.

Later, if you want to get high quality refined corn germ oil, it’s better to add a corn germ oil refinery plant. After degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization and dewaxing five steps, the refined corn germ oil can be sold in the supermarket with higher price. We Company can offer you the corn germ oil refinery plant with turn-key service, capacity from 1TPD to 600TPD.

Through the three section, you can make high quality refined corn germ oil and get profit after selling these oil.We Compnay has professional engineers specialized in corn germ oil extraction technology, who are waiting for answering your questions about corn germ oil making process. Please feel free to contact us.