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  • the code of life

    The Code of Life

    ... oils added to processed foods include cottonseed, peanut, canola, and soybean oils. For several reasons including the fact that they ... food supply for all living creatures. In humans, direct sunlight on the skin produces Vitamin D. Photosynthetically produced vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium, a master nutrient critical for life and other critical nutrients in the small intestine. Simultaneously, photosynthesis also results in the production of inositol triphosphate, INSP-3, a calcium chelator, which serves to regulate extraction of calcium stored in the cells. Sunshine on ...

  • find out why: fat, cholesterol, salt are good for you | a fine site

    Find Out Why: Fat, Cholesterol, Salt are Good For You | A fine site

    ... oils, including hydrogenated and ‘trans’ fat varieties including Canola Oil The misdirected war on saturated fats has convinced ... also derived from genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), including canola, soy, and corn oils. These same oils are often hydrogenated as well, ...