Cottonseed oil processing plant

Setting up a cottonseed oil processing plant is a good choice for you, if your area plants a lot of cotton. Besides the profit of cotton, you can also make a profit by selling cottonseed oil. Do you know what equipment are needed in cottonseed oil processing plant?

cottonseed oil processing machine
Machines used in cottonseed oil processing plant
First of all, cleaning machines are needed in cottonseed oil processing plant, which are used to remove the impurities from cottonseeds, like stones, straw, etc.Secondly, cottonseed husking machine is used to remove the shells. Usually, disc huller is the best choice for cottonseed oil processing plant.

Thirdly, the shell and cottonseed should be separated. The kernel and shell separating machine is needed in cottonseed oil processing plant.

Next, the machines are similar with those machines used in other oil seeds processing plant. Flaking machine and cooking machine to make the cottonseed adjust into the best condition for pressing.

And at last is the cottonseed oil press machine. The engineers of  We Company will provide the most suitable oil press machine based on the features of your raw materials.

We Company is a professional cooking oil machine manufacturer. We design the machines by ourselves, manufacture them in our own factory, and our engineers can give you best guidance in installation.
cottonseed oil plant
The cottonseed oil processing plant is one kind of cooking oil processing plants, and it has own special features because of the feature of cottonseed. So you need tell us your raw materials characteristic, your needs and your budget, and then our project manager and engineers will give you the project quotation. Weclome to contact us!