Small oil refinery machine

Small oil refinery machine aims to get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substancein the crude oil,Small oil refinery machine can improve the oil storage stability,flavor and color.The small oil refinery machine can get standard quality edible oil or provide qualified material for deep processing products.For small oil refinery machine,we usually adopt batch type refinery.It can be used to process crude peanut oil,crude palm oil and so on.

Workflow of small oil refinery machine:

Crude oil→Degumming→Deacidification→Decolorization→Deodorization→(Winterization/Fractionation)→Standard edible oil

workflow of small oil refinery machine

Flow chart of small oil refinery machine

Features of small oil refinery machine:

1.Wide application for crude cooking oil.

2.Less investment but with full refining function.

3.Easy to install and operate.

4.Light weight and movable.