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The Restaurant at Meadowood (***)

A couple of weeks ago, (been postponing this post for months…) At the end of June this last year, me and three friends went to the US for a road trip through California.… Lees verder

Culinary Trip to Japan (Wrap Up)

I keep postponing these blog posts about my trip to Japan almost a full year ago (!!). Memories start to fade, but I still have plenty of pictures of some of the restaurants… Lees verder

Yasaka Endo (Kyoto)

About half a year ago, you could read the first part of my series about my trip to Japan in April earlier this year. A very short lived series you might think thanks to… Lees verder

Gen Yamamoto (Tokyo)

In the first two weeks of April, I visited Japan with some friends. A couple of days in Kyoto mostly covered the culture part of the trip, which means we had plenty of… Lees verder

’t Zilte (**)

’t Zilte is het 2-sterrenrestaurant van Viki Geunes in Antwerpen, met als zeer unieke locatie een van de bovenste verdiepingen in het MAS. Het stond al lang op mijn todo-list en vorige week… Lees verder

LO by Wout Bru

Sinds enkele weken is “LO by Wout Bru” geopend in Antwerpen. Dit is het pop-up restaurant van – u raadt het al – Wout Bru dat 5 maanden lang een culinaire aanwinst zal… Lees verder

The Fat Duck (***)

Two weeks ago, I went to the Fat Duck with some friends. This is a restaurant by Heston Blumenthal  in Bray (village near London), sporting 3 Michelin stars. Now for those of you who don’t… Lees verder

Frantzén (**)

About a month ago, one of my friends pointed me to Frantzén  in Stockholm. It is currently listed as nr. 12 in the world and he managed to get a reservation for 5 people total.… Lees verder

Noma (**)

Noma doesn’t really need an introduction and neither does it’s chef, René Redzepi. “The best restaurant in the world” was definitely a good reason for me and some friends to visit Copenhagen after… Lees verder